Welcome to Rent-A-Wreck car rental in Umeå

We have a range of vehicles for hire, including small cars, large cars, station wagons and vans. You are welcome to fill in the enquiry below without obligation. If you choose to rent a car from us, we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the vehicle you hire. Calling from outside Sweden use +46 90 181500

 About Rent-A-Wreck Umeå

  • We offer a wide range of cars and models to suite most needs.
  • We deliver cars even when our offices are closed, if we have the possibility.
  • Call +46 (0)90 18 15 00 or make the reservation by clicking the blue button.
  • Some of the services we can offer: * Airport service * Delivery of the car. (* for an extra fee and after agreement)
  • Additional equipment as such. GPS, Roof box, Ski Rack, car seat, etc.
  • We also have automatic versions of cars.
  • We are only able to account / credit card payment.
  • Deposit will always be added!
Example of car rental rates. All prices are quoted in SEK.
Kat Modell Dayprice incl 50km Km.price Dayprice free km. Weekend fria km.
A Liten Kombi -Maximum driving range from umeå 100km 418 2,45 515 ring / call
D Mellan Kombi 530 3,3 775 ring / call
E Stor kombi 600 3,9 875 ring / call
F SUV 4WD 4x4 650 4,2 935 ring / call
I Minibuss 9-sitsig 1050 6.2 1595 ring / call
J Skåp 2,5 m3 650 4,2 945 ring / call
K Skåp 6 m3 750 4,6 1295 ring / call
L Skåp 18 m3 m.baklyft 1735 10,8 2495 ring / call
Some of our rental cars.
Class Image Info

Liten Komfort


Kombi Ekonomi


Kombi Comfort




Minibuss 7-Sitsig


Minibuss 9-Sitsig


Skåp 2.5 m3


Skåp 6 m3


Skåp 15-17 m3 m.baklyft


Släpvagn 750kg B1,2,L2,4 med grindar


Dolly Max 30km/h

  • Free mileage not valid when driving abroad