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Welcome to Rent-A-Wreck car rental in Harstad City and at Harstad/Narvik (Evenes) Airport. We have a wide range of vehicles for hire so finding a car which suits your needs should be easy. You are welcome to fill in the enquiry or order form on the bottom of this page without obligation. If you choose to rent a car from us, we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the vehicle you hire.

We are located near the city center in Harstad and at Evenes (Harstad/Narvik) airport, and can deliver 24/7 if you make an appointment in advance. In Harstad we may deliver the car at your hotel or any other location in the city free of charge. At Evenes airport there are no extra airport fees or delivery fee. We arrange all the paperwork in advance, and the car will be waiting for you upon arrival.

Do not let our name fool you! Rent-A-Wreck, the world’s largest used car rental company, offers clean, dependable late model autos, vans and trucks (and no, they are not wrecked) available by the day, week, month or longer with “personal touch service” sure to please. Our goal is to offer excellent service and the lowest prices. All of our cars are “non-smoker”, well maintained and quality-controlled between each rent. We strive to offer the best deals in the market and we will meet any challenge from the larger rental companies around.

Corona virus information
Please be assured that all measures are taken to limit the spread of the CoVid19-virus, and we are following every advice and regulation from the National Institute of Public Health and from our local government. The cars are thoroughly cleaned and steering wheel, handles etc are disinfected. We are keeping any direct contact with our customers to a minimum and offer key pick-up through keyboxes at Evenes airport.

Age and drivers license
The driver must be over the age of 21 and had a valid drivers license for a minimum of one year.

Cleaning the car after a rent is included in the price. It is not allowed to smoke inside our vehicles. We charge an extra fee for rinsing odors from smoking, removal of food remains or hazardious materials (including bottles, cups, clothes etc due to the contamination hazard)), stains from spilling liquids or food, paint, excess garbage, etc. If the car needs to be professionally rinsed/ozn-threated, the cost incl a 10% fee and loss of income, will be charged from the rentee.

Transporting animals
All transportation of animals in the cars must be agreed upon in advance of the rental start. Animals must be kept in a closed transportation cage or bag.

Welcome to us!

Please call for qoutes on long term rents or repeating periods.

Express checkout

We offer express checkout av Evenes airport at no extra costs. With all paperwork done in advance, you may proceed to your car whenever you want. A Evenes airport we hand out keys through our Express checkout keyboxes only.

New cars

We have invested in several new categories lately, and we can offer spacious 9 and 17 seaters minibuses. Take a look in our list of cars to see the pictures.

Evenes airport – a gateway to Lofoten

If you are  planning a trip to Lofoten this summer, we recommend flying to Evenes Airport (EVE) and renting a car from us. The road trip from Evenes to Svolvær along E10 is a spectacular route which takes appx 2h15 (Henningsvær appx. 20 min longer). The drive is across breathtaking nature and includes tunnels through mountains and under a fjord as well as majestics bridges over the water. Renting from us gives you a cheap and flexible way of travelling to the fantastic Lofoten.

Skiboxes, roofracks, trailer hooks etc

Please contact us in advance if you require skibox, roofrack etc. on the car.


We have large vans to rent if you prefer to do the job yourself, or you may rent a van and driver from us and load the van yourself to save money. Please call for a price quota. We offer returning the car for you included in the price.

Rent a van per hour-rates

We are now offering even cheaper prices for short term rent of our vans from the Harstad office. Prices starts at NOK 200,- for the first hour and NOK 100,- for the following up to 6 hours. From 6 hours the price will be as for a normal 24 hours rent.


Some of our rental cars.
Class Image Info
Personbiler/Passenger cars

This is our cheapest car class with small, 4 doors "city cars" with limited luggage space (2 medium suitcases). The rear seats may be laid down to increase the luggage space.

We offer
Peugeot 108

Store småbiler/ Economy

Our Economy class has spacious cars with some limited luggage capacity (2 suitcases ++).
We have a broad selection of cars, from newer models with the latest in media-technology and driving assistance to more moderate equipped cars.

Cars in this class are Hyundai i20, Honda Jazz (aut), Peugeot 207 (aut), Citroen C3

Mellomstor hybrid

Ladbar hybridbil med automatgear og automatisk skift mellom elektrisk drift eller bensin. Kan lades under kjøring eller via vanlig 220trømuttak. Romslig og særdeles velutstyrt med det siste innen førerassistanse.

Vi har for tiden følgende biler i denne klassen:
Hyundai Ioniq

Mellomstore biler/ Compact

The Compact class offers medium size family cars. We have a mix of hatchbacks (HB) and estates (SW -station wagons). If you need excess luggage space, please make a note in the remarks field when ordering.

At the moment, we have these cars for rent:
Hyundai i30 SW , Volvo V50 SW, Ford Focus SW, Mazda 3 HB , Honda Civic HB

Store biler/ Large family cars

These are our largest passenger cars with comfortable space for 5-7 passengers including luggage. We have only estates in this class.

We offer::
Hyundai i40, Mazda 6, Skoda Octavia, Honda Accord


This is cars suitable for the big family or group of friends. The seat arrangement i very flexible, from 2-seater with spacious lugge area to 7 -seater still with a good room for your suitcases.

We offer:
Ford S-max manual, Peugeot 5008 aut

Stor SUV

Stor, amerikansk SUV med 7 seter og fremdeles godt med bagasjeplass. Stor V8 på 264 HK, automatgir og høy komfort.

Vi har for tiden følgende biler i denne klassen:
Ford Expedition aut.


Large 5-seater pickup with automatic transmission and towing hook.

We offer:
Isuzu D-Max aut


Opting for quality we have invested in Mercedes Sprinter automatic in this category. We have both the shorter version (5 mtr) and the medium lenght (6 mtr) which offers even more space in the luggae area.
Both have towing hook

We offer:
Mercedes Sprinter 311 or 316


This is our largest cars, and requires extra class for minibus on your drivers license.'

We offer:
Mercedes Sprinter 519

Varebiler/Vans, lorrys
Små varebiler/ Small vans

Our small vans has a load capacity around 3 m3. All of the cars are Peugeot Partner or Mercedes Citan manual with a closed wall between the front seats and the loading area. This is perfect cars both for work and active people who need a good space to store tools, equipment, wet shoes or clothes etc.

Mellomstore varebiler/ Medium size vans

Medium vans has a loading space appx. 5-6 m3 and a towing capacity of 2 tons. For the same price you may choose between Toyota Hiace 4WDs or a well equipped Hyundai H1 2WD.

Stor varebil/large van

Stor varebil med lasterom på ca 10 m3 med 2 tonn hengervekt.

Vi tilbyr VW Crafter

XL varebiler/ XL sized vans

Our XL van is a 15 m3 Mercedes Sprinter with automatic transmission, sliding doors on both sides and rear doors which open 270 degrees. Full height inside.

XXL varebil/XXL-sized vans

This XXL Mercedes Sprinter has a loading capacity of 17 m3. With an effective 190 hp V6 diesel and manual transmission, this is a very comfortable van to drive.
There is also a lifting platform and a towing hook on this car.

Lett lastebil

Large lorry for up to 14 europalls.


Iveco Eurocargo med Kuvvetti påbygg. Stort lasteplan med løfteplan for frakt av flere biler. I tillegg er det krok for henger/biltralle.
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