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Welcome to Rent-A-Wreck car rental in Harstad City and Harstad/Narvik (Evenes) Airport. We have a range of vehicles for hire, including vans and trailers. You are welcome to fill in the enquiry or order form on the bottom of this side without obligation. If you choose to rent a car from us, we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the vehicle you hire.

We are located near the city center in Harstad and at Evenes (Harstad/Narvik) airport, and can deliver 24/7 if you make an appointment in advance. In Harstad we deliver the car at your hotel or any other location in the city free of charge. Outside office hours there will be a fee of NOK 200. At Evenes there are no extra airport fees or delivery fee. We arrange all the paperwork in advance, and the car will be waiting for you upon arrival.

Do not let our name fool you! Rent-A-Wreck, the world’s largest used car rental company, offers clean, dependable late model autos, vans and trucks (and no, they are not wrecked) available by the day, week, month or longer with “personal touch service” sure to please. Our goal is to offer excellent service and the lowest prices. All of our cars are “non-smoker”, well maintained and quality-controlled between each rent. We strive to offer the best deals in the market and we will meet any challenge from the larger rental companies around.

Welcome to us!

Please call for qoutes on long term rents or repeating periods.



We have large vans to rent if you prefer to do the job yourself, or you may rent a van and driver from us and load the van yourself to save money. Please call for a price quota.

Time based rental prices for vans

We are now offering even cheaper prices for short term rent of our vans from the Harstad office. Prices starts at NOK 200,- for the first hour and NOK 100,- for the following up to 6 hours. From 6 hours the price will be for a normal 24 hours rent.


Examples of rental prices from Rent-A-Wreck Harstad and Evenes Airport in NOK
Category Model or similar Per day excl. km Per km Free mileage Rental price with tire change (Incl. 50 km.)
Liten småbil Peugeot 108 Fra kr. 99,- kr. 2,- Fra kr. 250,- kr. 199
- - - - - -
Stor småbil Hyundai i20 Fra kr. 199,- kr. 2,- Fra kr. 289,- kr. 249
Mellomstor bil Volvo V50 Fra kr. 149,- kr. 2,50 Fra kr. 319,-
Stor bil Mazda 6 stv Fra kr. 399,- kr. 3,- Fra kr. 549,-
Liten varebil Peugeot Partner Fra kr. 299,- kr. 3,- Fra kr. 438,-
Mellomstor varebil Toyota Hiace 4x4 Fra kr. 499,- inkl. 100 km kr. 3,- -
Stor varebil Ford Transit Fra kr. 649,- inkl 100 km kr. 3,50 -
- - - - -
XL varebil Mercedes Sprinter 2013 mod Fra kr. 1.149,- inkl 100 km kr. 4,- -
Some of our rental cars.
Class Image Info

This is our cheapest car class with small, 4 doors "citycars" with limited luggage space (2 medium suitcases). The rear seats may be laid down to increase the luggage space.

We offer Peugeot 108s (2017) and older model Mitsubishi Colts

Store småbiler/ Economy

Our Economy class has spacious cars with some limited luggage capacity (2 suitcases ++).
We have a broad selection of cars, from newer models with the latest in media-technology and driving assistance to more moderate equipped cars.

Cars in this class are Hyundai i20, Honda Jazz (aut), Peugeot 207 (aut), Citroen C3

Mellomstore biler/ Compact

The Compact class offers medium size family cars. We have a mix of hatchbacks (HB) and estates (SW -station wagons). If you need excess luggage space, please make a note in the remarks field when ordering.

At the moment, we have these cars for rent:
Volvo S60 (aut, Sedan)., Hyundai i30 SW and HB, Mazda 3 HB ,Honda Civic HB, Volvo V50 SW, Ford Focus SW, Mitsubishi Lancer SW

Store biler/ Large family cars

These are our largest passenger cars with comfortable space for 5-7 passengers including luggage.

We offer::
5-seats: Mazda 6, Skoda Octavia
7-seats: Ford S-Max

Små varebiler/ Small vans

Klasse D er små varebiler med lasterom på ca 3,5 m3. Alle våre biler er Peugeot Partner som er velkjente arbeidshester i varebilsegmentet.

Mellomstore varebiler/ Medium size vans

Klasse E er medium størrelse varebiler som har lasterom fra 2,3 mtr og rommer 5,5-6 m3. Vi tilbyr Toyota HiAce med firehjulstrekk og hengerfeste eller Hyundai H1.

Store varebiler/ Large size vans

Klasse F er våre nest største varebiler på 12-14m3

Vi har for tiden følgende biler i denne klassen:
Ford Transit 12m3 med bakløfter og store skyvedører på hver side og full ståhøyde i varerommet.
Mercedes Sprinter 14m3

XL varebiler/ XL sized vans

Klasse G er vår største varebil med skyvedør på begge sider, hengerfeste og bakdører som åpner 270 grader. Bilen kan kjøres på sertifikat klasse B.

Vi har for tiden følgende biler i denne klassen:
Mercedes Sprinter automat 15m3

Tilhengere/ Trailers

Vi kan tilby hengerleie til gunstige priser. Vi disponerer varehenger med tipp og innvendig lengde i kassen over 3 mtr. Vi har i perioder også bilhenger for utleie.

  • Free mileage not valid when driving abroad