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Amongst our rental cars you will find small cars, Vans, station wagons,  and C1 trucks. We also rent out horse trailers,Car trailers and box trailers. All our small cars and vans can be driven on a normal class B drivers license. The C1 truck must have C1. We go above and beyond for our customers, and will strive for your satisfaction if you choose to rent from us.

We offer good, reliable cars and trailers for a reasonable price.


Welcome to Rent-A-Wreck Kongsvinger

Phone support available 24/7 on (+47) 40409788

Eksempler på leiepriser hos Rent-a-Wreck Kongsvinger. alle priser oppgitt i NOK
Cat. Model Full day price Km.price Full day w/ unlimited km. Full weekend with unlimited km. Deposit
A Toyota Yaris 250 2,50 795 1799 2500
B Toyota Corolla 275 2,75 995 1999 3000
D Toyota Avensis Stv 352 3,3 1295 2599 4000
F 6-8m3 Van 645 4,4 1699 4099 5000
H 8-10m3 Van 799 4,4 1899 4699 5000
I 15-17m3 Van 1099 4,4 2299 5199 5000
J 20-22m3 Van m lift 1399 5,5 2799 6999 6000
o Truck C1 1699 6,5 2999 7699 6000
R Horse trailer 1000 1000 leiepris
S closed trailer 750 750 leiepris
T Car trailer 1000 1000 leiepris
Våre biler
Class Image Info

Toyota Yaris eller lignende


Skoda Fabia eller lignende


Toyota Avensis eller lignende


6-8m3 Toyota Hiace 4X4/VW Transporter eller lignende


10-12m3 Mercedes Sprinter eller lignende


14-16m3 Mercedes Sprinter eller lignende


17-22m3 Mercedes Sprinter eller lignende


C1 klasse liten lastebil


hestehenger med salskap


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Ifor Williams CT177 Biltralle

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