Welcome to Rent-A-Wreck  Sandefjord / Torp

Welcome to Rent-A-Wreck car rental in Sandefjord / Torp.
We have a range of vehicles for hire, including small cars, large cars, station wagons and vans. You are welcome to fill in the enquiry without obligation. If you choose to rent a car from us, we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the vehicle you hire.


We have cars in most categories. Rent-A-Wreck is the largest used car rental cars. Our cars are models of famous and excellent brands. All cars come thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Our goal is to have the best prices on all rent by the day, weekend, week, month and annual rent. Contact us and we will do our utmost to satisfy your transportation needs.


   33 47 15 11         [email protected]


Daily offer: Valid every week from Monday – Thursday (09:00-16:00)


The options of vans on the daily offer:



Van Toyota Hiace 6m³ NOK. 599,- pr. day inkl. 50 km pr rental.


Toyota Hiace or similar – Cargo space ->  L:245cm B:155cm H:135cm

 (The sizes of the vans can variable)


Van Ford Transit 8m³ NOK. 699,- pr. day inkl. 50 km pr. rental



Ford Transit or similar – Cargo space ->  L:280cm B:170cm H:170cm

 (The sizes of the vans can variable)


Van MB Sprinter 15m³ NOK. 1149,- pr. day inkl. 50 km pr. rental


Mercedes Sprinter or similar – Cargo space -> L:430cm B:175cm H:199cm

 (The sizes of the vans can variable)

   33 47 15 11         [email protected]



News and Offers

     You can park your car for free* when you hire from us.

Vans from 09.00 to 16.00    (Only monday thru friday)

  • Toyota Hiace 6m³ kr. 599,-  inkl. 50 km pr. tenancies.
  • Ford Transit 8m³ kr. 699,-    inkl. 50 km pr. tenancies.
  • MB Sprinter 15m³ kr. 1149,- inkl. 50 km pr. tenancies.

Call 33 47 15 11 or send mail: [email protected] if you would like to take advantage of these.

*if we have space available.

Åpningstider i Julen 2021

23.des  10-14        28.des  10-14
24.des  Stengt       29.des  10-14
25.des  Stengt       30.des  10-14
26.des  Stengt       31.des  Stengt
27.des  10-14        01.Jan  Stengt

Dersom du alikevel trenger bil utenfor våre åpningstider ,
ring +47 33 47 15 11
eller send oss en epost til  [email protected]
Så ser vi om vi kan hjelpe 🙂




Dagtilbud gjelder mandag – torsdag !


Dagtilbud gjelder følgene varebiler:

Fra kl 09.00 – kl. 16.00


Varebil Toyota Hiace 6m³ kr. 599,- pr. dag inkl. 50 km pr. leieforhold.


Toyota HiAce eller lignende– Varerom ->  L:260cm B:155cm H:140cm

(størrelsen kan variere)

Varebil Ford Transit 8m³ kr. 699,- pr. dag inkl. 50 km pr. leieforhold.



Ford Transit or lignende– Varerom ->  L:280cm B:170cm H:170cm

 (størrelsen kan variere)

Varebil MB Sprinter 15m³ kr. 1149,- pr. dag inkl. 50 km pr. leieforhold.

Mercedes Sprinter eller lignende – Varerom -> L:430cm B:175cm H:195cm

 (størrelsen kan variere)

Ring: 33 47 15 11        Mail: [email protected]


Please see the webbooking for prices.. All prices are quoted in NOK.
Some of our rental cars.
Class Image Info

Toyota Yaris / Peugeot 108


Toyota Carolla eller liknende


Toyota Avensis eller liknende


Toyota Avensis Stv. eller liknende


Varebil 2m³


VW Caravelle 7/9 seter


Varebil 6m³


Varebil 8m³


15m³ Varebil


19m³ Varebil


MB Sprinter 15 seter MiniBuss

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