Rent-A-Wreck Stavangers rental cars, include a good variety from small, medium and large passenger cars, station wagons, 7 or 9-seater (No extra driving license needed) to larger vans and cargo vans. I you choose to hire a reasonable priced hire car from Rent-A-Wreck Stavanger Forus, we will do our best to satisfy you with your rental car.

Our cars are models of prestigious and known brands. All cars are delivered cleaned and checked. We will be best at price, whether it’s a day, weekend, week, month or long term rental.

If you are traveling and need a rental car to get around, whether it is for business travel or leisure travel, we will assist you with car delivery and pick up. Our office is located in the middle of the experiences in Stavanger district, Ryfylke or the famous “tourist magnets” Preikestolen, Kjerag or Trolltunga.

Our office is only 6 min away from Sola Airport by car / bus. By appointment we can deliver and pick up at the airport. Cars can also be delivered outside the normal opening hours.

For more information or offers, contact us on phone +47 99349090 or e-mail stavangerforus@rentawreck.no. You can also contact us for a non-binding offer using the Rental inquiry form below.

About Rent-A-Wreck Stavanger / Forus / Sola

  • Our office is located on Forus, 6 min by car from Stavanger Airport, Sola.
  • Daily rates from NOK 225, – + 2.50 per km Daily rates w / free km from NOK 595, -.
  • We are available both on weekends and evenings after appointment.
  • Outside office hours, send us an inquiry and we will answer as soon as possible.
  • Return of the car can also be done in the outside office hours after appointment.
  • Small and large passenger cars, 4-9-seats, vans of 3 m3, 6 m3, 12 m3, 15 m3, 19 m3.
  • Our fleet consists of used cars that are clean and in good condition.
  • We also rent a roof rack, bike rack, child seats, GPS.
  • We offer long term leases and company agreements.
  • The age limit for renting a car is 23 years, and the driver must have had a valid driving license for min.1 year.
  • Deposit is minimum NOK 1500. Deposit is only reserved on card (Visa / Mastercard) and not in cash!
Examples of rental prices at Rent-a-Wreck Stavanger - Forus. (All prices are quoted in NOK and are FROM prices)
Category Model Dayprice 24 hours Km. price Dayprice free km. Weekend price, free km Month hire incl. 1000 km Deposit
A1 99 NOK car 99 0,99 495 695 call for appointment Min 1500,- eller beregnet leie +20%
A Small car 225 2,50 595 1495 5000 Min 2500,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
B Small car 4 doors 250 2,65 695 1795 5500 Min 3000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
C Medium 5 seats 275 2,75 795 1795 6000 Min 3000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
D Small station wagon 325 2,85 845 1795 6200 Min 4000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
E Station wagon 350 2,95 945 2395 6800 Min 4000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
F 7-seats 475 3,50 1200 2895 call for appointment Min 5000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
G 9-seats 695 3,70 1500 3500 call for appointment Min 5000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
H Vanl 3,2m3 399 3,00 810 1595 6500 Min 5000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
I Vanl 6m3 425 3,70 1195 2700 call for appointment Min 5000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
J Vanl 8m3 595 3,90 1795 2800 call for appointment Min 5000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
L Van 10m3 925 4,90 2295 4590 call for appointment Min 5000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
S1 Vanl15m3 1045 5,50 2495 4990 call for appointment Min 5000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
S2 Vanl w/Lift 19m3 1295 5,50 2795 5790 call for appointment Min 5000,- eller Beregnet leie +20%
Se våre biler (bilene våre kan avvike noe fra bildene)
Class Image Info

Toyota Yaris (city car) or similar


Toyota Auris, VW Up! or similar


Toyota Corolla Verso or similar


Ford Focus Stv or similar


Toyota Avensis or similar


VW Touran 7-seater or similar


Opel Vivaro 9-seater or similar


Peogeot Partner 3,2m3


Ford Transit van 6m3 or similar


Toyota Hiace van 8m3 or similar


Mercedes Sprinter van 10m3 or similar


Mercedes Sprinter van 15m3 or similar


Mercedes Sprinter van w/Lift 19m3 or similar

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