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Welcome to Rent-A-Wreck car rental in Örnsköldsvik. We have a range of vehicles for hire, including small cars, large cars, station wagons and vans. You are welcome to fill in the enquiry or order form below without obligation. If you choose to rent a car from us, we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the vehicle you hire.

Example of car rental rates. All prices are quoted in SEK.
Kat Modell Dygnpris Km.pris Dygnpris fria km. 3 dygn fria km. Vecka fria km. Långtidshyra
B Mellan Comfort 225:- 2,30 545:- 1095:- 2095:- Offert
C Mellan Kombi Comfort 255:- 2,75:- 649:- 1595:- 2595:- Offert
D Stor Kombi comfort - - 995:- 1995:- 3495:- Offert
F Minibuss 9 pers. comfort - - 1595:- 2995:- 5495:- Offert
G Transportbil, litet skåp. 235:- 2,95:- 795:- 1549:- 2995:- Offert
H Skåpbil 6m3 499:- 3.95:- 1195:- 2395:- 5495:- Offert
I Skåpbil 8m3 599:- 4.95:- 1395:- 3095:- Offert Offert
K Flyttbuss bakgavellyft 995:- 7.95:- 1995:- 4195:- Offert Offert
Some of our rental cars.
Class Image Info

Mellan Comfort


Mellan Kombi Comfort


Stor kombi Comfort

3000 km ingår i fria mil.


Minibuss 9-sits comfort


Transportbil , litet skåp.
Caddy, Opel Combo


Skåpbil. 3-sitsig. Manuell växellåda

Lastutrymmets längd
3115 mm
Max lastvikt
982 kg

3000 km ingår i fria mil.


Skåpbil med bakgavellyft.

Lastutrymmets längd
3720 mm
Max lastvikt
870 kg

3000 km ingår i fria mil.

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