How can I book a car?

To the left you can see our web booking portal, there you will see our cars and prices.

You can also email or call us. You will find our contact information at the bottom of the site.


How do I pay?

We will send you a payment link 2 days before your rental, follow the instructions to make the payment of the rental and a deposit of 2000NOK.


Are you a student?

We provide up to 20% student discount on ordinary rental rates booked online.

Students must show a valid student certificate when picking up a car.


Parking with the rental car?

The customer is responsible to pay for all parking and tickets during the rental.


Where can I park my car during the rental?

At the department in Bergen Nord, you can park at our parking space outside of our office.


What about road tax and fuel during our rental?

Road tax will be registered automatically and will be reserved from your deposit.

The car is filled with fuel when you pick it up. Fill it up before returning it and leave the receipt in the car.


What are the sizes of the vans?

2-3m3: L:160cm B:130cm H:120cm 

5-7m3:  L:250cm B:160cm H:140cm 

12m3: L:360cm B:175cm H:190cm 

15m3.  L:433cm B:177cm H:195cm 

19m3. L:412cm B:212cm H:222cm 


See our prices!

  • Free mileage not valid when driving abroad